Wednesday, June 24, 2009

doula services

Doula Services
Advantages of Labor Support
Recent controlled trials involving over 1000 women demonstrate that the presence of a Labor Assistant or Doula result in:
50 % decrease in cesarean sections
25% decrease in length of labor
30% decrease in the use of forceps
40 % decrease in the use of oxytocin
60% decrease in the use of epidurals
30% decrease in the use of pain medication
In addition, long term benefits include:
Improved breastfeeding
Decreased post partum depression
Greater maternal satisfaction
Better mother infant interaction

Fullmoon Birthing Doula Information

I offer a free consultation to prospective clients in which we discuss my services and fees and the client’s individual needs. During our consultation you are able to get to know me and see if I am a good fit for you.

As your Doula I:

· Will meet with you at least twice before labor begins to discuss your plans for your birth.(This is a minimum. I am available for more frequent contact depending on my clients needs/desires.)

· Will want to become familiar with your Birth Plan, (if you choose to have one), including your preferences regarding management options and the use, or not, of pain medications.

· Will want to know your best ways of coping with pain and fatigue and how you and your partner (if applicable) foresee working together.

· Will be on call 24 hours a day for a negotiated time period, usually beginning at 37 weeks gestation (We will discuss your individual needs, as well as my schedule, when we meet for your consultation.

· I am most often available for clients if they face preterm labor or other complications which require the preterm birth of their babies.

· Will answer questions, provide references and offer support over the phone any time before labor begins.

· Will provide early labor support as requested, including in your home.(This means I will be with you as soon as you want me to be once you are in labor.)

· Will remain with you once active labor has begun until one to two hours after your baby is born. ( I like to remain with families at least until mom and baby are fed and content, though this is not always possible.)

· Will utilize non-medical support techniques for labor and birth. (I have a whole lot of tricks up my sleeve and am learning new things all the time, but what I go by are your individual needs and your unique labor situation.)

· Will assist in providing information and supply emotional support by telephone on postpartum care, feeding, and newborn care after the birth, as requested.

· Will meet with you at least once between 1 to 4 weeks postpartum to discus the birth and any other concerns you may have.


· I require a non-refundable $250 retainer fee, due upon signing the Doula Services Agreement. This holds your place on my calendar.
· I take a maximum of 2 clients per month.
· Half of my fee is due by 37 weeks gestation (based on Estimated due Date) and the remainder is due by 2 weeks postpartum. (Payment plans are available.)
· My fee is $750.
· I believe doula services should be available to all families who desire them and will work with families to accommodate many different financial situations.