Wednesday, June 24, 2009

baby moon getaway weekend

Baby Moon Last Chance Getaway Weekend
Whether this is your first baby or 5th, taking time to nourish yourself and each other is essential to the well being of the family.
What better way to prepare for your new journey into family hood then a quiet informative reflective weekend retreat.

Included in the retreat:
Overnight stay at the beautiful Suquamish resort
200+ page binder covering all the information in the weekend and then some
CD of guided mediation relaxation and visualization
Healthy snacks throughout the weekend
2 continental breakfasts
catered lunch of the 2nd day
postpartum care kit including several gifts to help you nourish your new bliss.

What you will learn at the retreat

Physiology of birth
Self help measures to relieve many of the physical discomforts associated with pregnancy and postpartum
Healthy ways to reduce stress and anxiety before and during labor
Proven pain coping skills
Develop the confidence and trust in your body for birth and parenting
How to work with the physical and emotional changes of pregnancy, birth and postpartum
How to choose food and exercise for a healthy pregnancy and postpartum
How to write a personal birth plan
How to use a range of relaxation and comfort techniques during labor and beyond
How to take care of yourself and your baby post partum
How to address the changing needs of becoming a family
To honor the difficulties and celebrate the joys of pregnancy labor and beyond

Weekend schedule
9:00-9:30 Continental Breakfast and Check In
9:30-10:30- Introduction
10:30-12:00 Pregnancy
12:00-1:30 Lunch on your own
1:30-3:00 Physiology 101
3:00-5:00 Comfort Measures
Homework exercise and dinner on your own

9:00-9:30 Continental Breakfast and Check In
9:30-10:30- Comfort Measures
10:30-12:00 Choices and Birth Plans
12:00-1:30 Lunch on your own
1:30-3:30 Post Partum
3:00-4:00 Final Thoughts and Closing

Teaching Philosophy

Wholistic Childbirth Education
Drawing on my 15 years of teaching experience, my yoga practice, mindfulness practice, the birth of my own children and the births I have attended as a Doula, I have created a wholistic childbirth education series.
Classes are modled after the Waldorf method of education, designed to inform the whole person: The Head or intellect, the Heart or emotional/spiritual and the Hands or the physical. Combined with mindfulness practice couples are gently guided to discover the strengths they already posses and their spaces for learning. Pregnancy, childbirth and parenting like no other time in our life clearly demands the attention of our whole selves.
I use multi sensory learning techniques to appeal to all learning modalities, be they auditory visual kinesthetic etc. I center my class around the needs of the attendants. Classes are a safe nurturing place to explore the joys and difficulties of birthing a child and family.

much peace

kerry allen

360 536 5126